We invite you to join Ball State University’s Department of Geological Sciences on an outstanding trek to the base camp of the world's highest mountain.  We will take you through the lush valleys, rhododendron forests and rugged slopes of Sagarmatha National Park, with enough time to explore villages and monasteries.  With eight of the World’s highest fourteen peaks, all exceeding 8,000m, for our classroom this is certain to be the geological experience of a lifetime.

This trip is designed to give everyone an unprecedented opportunity to visit, explore and learn about the Himalaya while walking to Everest Base Camp.   On route we will discuss every aspect of the Himalaya from tectonic formation, petrology and structural geology, through glacial geology, hydrogeology and current environmental topics, and finally the cultural and social background of the people and the effects of the “base camp highway”.  Along the way we will engage in an environmental/sustainability project within one or more local communities.  The group will meet local Nepalese people, work within a community, and experience a life-style completely different from their own.  Hence this course is not just about geology, it is about exploring our world and expanding our horizons.

For more information please contact: knichols@bsu.edu


All photos shown were taken in 2011 and 2013.  Please do not reproduce or use these photos without permission.


Countdown to Departure


The Himalayan Sustainability Initiative May 2014 trip was a partial success.  We got some good data, which we are presenting at GSA and IWA.   We also had several people get giardia - proof of how important this work is.  The good new is that we are going to do it all again in 2015 - so join us!!!